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Neck Video

Improve rotation, loosen connective tissues and leave your neck feeling relaxed and pain free.

Shoulders Video

Awaken the rotator cuffs and warm up the surrounding muscles from every conceivable direction.

Upper Back Video

Open all of the large muscle groups of the upper back so they pulsate with heat and vitality to relieve pain and minimize the risk of injury.

Low Back Video

Stretch and strengthen all the support muscles of the low back to help relieve pain and minimize the risk of injury.

Hips Video

Create circulation and relax tense muscles as you massage into your major hip flexors.

Hand/Wrist/Elbow Video

Boost circulation and the tone the fine muscle mechanics of your hands, wrists and elbows.

Hands/Wrist/Elbows 5 Minutes

Price: $1.95
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Hands/Wrist/Elbows 10 Minutes

Price: $2.95
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Feet & Ankle Video

Strengthen the side stabilizers of your feet and ankles, while helping to create suppleness in your footfall.

Stress Relief Video

Learn specialized techniques that improve your lung capacity and breath awareness, giving you more energy and a calmer, more balanced outlook.