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Yoga Tune Up® Products help to alleviate pain, improve posture and enhance performance. Whether you're a competitive athlete, yogi or just beginning a movement program, our unique line of video and Therapy Ball products will help you move through life with more balance, efficiency and structural integrity.

Yoga Tune Up® At Home Program

Get a new Yoga Tune Up® program delivered to your doorstep each month -- it's like having Jill provide you with private sessions at your convenience! Begin at a level customized to your experience and needs with each new DVD progressing your advancement. Whether you're just starting a movement program or a seasoned athlete, this program helps you do everything you do, better.

Self Massage Therapy Balls

Relieve stress, unwind knots, and loosen locked muscles with these invaluable therapeutic tools that provide targeted self-massage therapy, helping to penetrate through layers of skin, fascia and muscle and massage deeply into your high tension areas. Learn specialized techniques to create a self-massage program you can use anywhere, anytime.

Online Quickfix Videos

These 'quickfix' online video programs focus on trouble areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, hips, feet and hands to stretch, strengthen and heal, addressing issues at the root of the problem.

Yoga Tune Up DVDs (and Online DVDs)

Our Tune Up Fitness DVDs focus on providing short, accessible, highly targeted sessions that help eliminate pain, improve posture and enhance performance in whatever movement based activity you do. The YTU DVD library will strengthen your core, help rehab your knees, and provide routines that find your "body blind spots" to balance your entire structure.

Yoga Tune Up® Accessories

Yoga Tune Up® Accessories fill out your self-care toolkit, with each item providing a very specific purpose in keeping you healthy and supple. Use them at home, at the office and while you travel as they are portable and budget friendly.

Yoga Tune Up® Kits and Combo Packages

Yoga Tune Up® Kits and Combo Packages provide multiple products with a specific focus to ensure you have the proper guidance and tools for your self-care regimen. Kits provide savings and make great gifts!

Wholesale Product Pricing

Interested in purchasing in bulk?  Yoga Tune Up® offers wholesale pricing on many of our products! As long as you purchase the minimum quantity, you will wholesale pricing will automatically calculate during checkout.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of Self-Care Healthcare with the YTU Gift Card, which comes in four different denominations:  $25, $50, $75 or $100.