tight hamstrings


Tight Hamstrings or IT Band?
​         Yoga Tune Up® Can Help

Tight Hamstrings can lead to severe lower back pain and problems within your hips that can interfere with just about everything you do.


These Yoga Tune Up® products provide targeted hamstring stretches and IT Band exercises that will open up your lower back and hips, while safely strtetching your hamstrings and IT band -- you'll be touching your toes in no time!


Recommended for Tight Hamstrings and IT Band

Hips Video

Create circulation and relax tense muscles as you massage into your major hip flexors.

Self Massage - Full Body Therapy Ball Kit

Massage Therapy Full Body Kit

This Full Body Kit takes you through all of Jill's Therapy Ball routines using both the WALL and FLOOR as two very different foundational choices. Get guided instruction and detailed ball placement as you traverse your entire body. 11 different routines cover the Upper Back, Shoulders, Neck & Jaw, as well as your Low Back, Hips, Buttocks, and Feet.

Kit Includes 1 pair of YTU Therapy Balls w/Tote, a Quick Tips Guide and a 2-Disc instructional DVD. For wholesale pricing at 10 or more go here.

Price: $44.95
Yoga Tune Up Athletic Stretch DVD

Post Athletic Stretch DVD

This DVD includes over 105 minutes of highly specialized athletic stretch routines that are integral for athletes at all levels. Routines have been specially created for the following: Running, Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, and Golf, focused on lengthening, strengthening and balancing your shoulders, back, hips, core, and hamstrings; helping to avoid a range of problems, from bursitis to IT band syndrome. Includes a bonus "Warm Up" routine.

Price: $21.95
Stretch Strap

Stretch Strap - Double Loop

This unique 6' double-looped stretch strap provides support for both static and dynamic stretches to help improve flexibility and go deeper into your stretch. For wholesale pricing at 24 or more go here.
Price: $10.95