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Pose of the Week

Reclined Spinal Twist
Therapeutic Application: 
Improving pliability and flexibility of all tissues involved in spinal rotation.
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Origin and Etymology of anatomy Late Latin anatomia dissection, from Greek anatomē, from anatemnein to dissect, from ana- + temnein to cut First Known Use: 14th century ( The first time I saw Gil Hedley’s “Fuzz Speech” was at a Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball training, some five years ago now. I remember being fascinated ...
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A Therapeutic Movement Educator with over 15 years’ experience, Dinneen Viggiano is a Yoga Tune Up® & Roll Model® Teacher Trainer, a NeuroKinetic and CranioSacral Therapist and a Certified Nutrition Counselor. She teaches at Yoga Works NYC, Equinox, EvenFlow Yoga, and Kripalu. How/when/where did you first learn about YTU and what interested you most? In ...
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You come biologically equipped for self-healing. Roll Model Therapy Balls are your “rubber drugs,” and when you roll them into your life, they will catapult your ability to heal yourself and prevent further damage.   Here are 5 benefits of using Roll Model Therapy Balls: Share this Link On Your Site: Roll Model® Therapy ...
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In part 1 of this article, I explained some causes and symptoms of trigger points in the deep calf muscle trio of tibialis posterior, flexor digitorum longus (FDL) and flexor hallicus longus (FHL). One common contributor is walking or running on uneven surfaces such as rocks, sand or imperfect lumpy grass. These are delicious and ...
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Many people are aware of their larger, more superficial calf muscles, gastrocnemius and soleus. But what about the smaller, deeper and less known calf muscles? What is their purpose, and what are the symptoms when they aren’t functioning properly? Today I am writing specifically about tibialis posterior, flexor digitorum longus and flexor hallucis longus. Tibialis ...
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Where ever you are in North America, there is a Yoga Tune Up® or Roll Model Method® training coming your way! Level 1 Teacher Training JUNE 2 – 12 with Amanda Tripp & Todd Lavictoire FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH YOGA- Whitby, ON Canada JUNE 25- JULY 2 with Dawn Adams & Laurie Streff YOGAWORKS- LARKSPUR- Larkspur, ...
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What is Yoga Tune Up® and How Can it Help You?

Yoga Tune Up® is a unique program created by Jill Miller. It is practiced all over the world at Yoga Studios, fitness facilities and retreat centers, taught by Jill and her certified YTU instructors. Using a distinctive set of exercises, poses and specialized techniques, Yoga Tune Up® playfully moves you into a body that looks great and lasts a lifetime. With Jill as your guide, our video and Therapy Ball Products will take you through a safe, effective workout with pain relief methods that leave you (regardless of age, experience or activity level) feeling better, stronger, happier, and more relaxed!

  1. Increase your body’s overall strength

  2. Control weight and feel grounded

  3. Bolster the immune system

  4. Relieve pain and stress

  5. Improve balance, flexibility and coordination
Heal The Wear And Tear Of Everyday Life - Live Better In Your Body With Yoga Tune Up®!