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Reverse Crucifix on blocks
Therapeutic Application: 
Improving shoulder range of motion
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In my previous posts, I discussed some of the issues I have with pain and mobility as a result of my large bust, and went on to discuss a few methods I use to work on some of those issues. Today, I offer a few more of my favorites that help address the stagnant, burdensome way my ...
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Ever ponder what muscles are involved when you’re standing straight up? What muscles are primarily involved in keeping you upright? You have a couple dozen soft tissue postural supporters running from your feet up your body to your head, which work in conjunction with one another to maintain your vertical posture and stabilize your joints. ...
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On Wednesday, I told the tale of my bunions. Today, I’ll discuss techniques for foot care I’ve had time to research while I rest my feet post-surgery. Here are a few movements I will include in my (future) daily foot care from Katy Bowman’s book, Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief. Holding hands with ...
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I have written at least a couple dozen blogs since my last entry many moons ago. And they are all in my head. Time to put thoughts on computer. At this very moment, I am semi-reclined with my left foot elevated and iced following surgery a week ago. My hapless disregard for the health of ...
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My initial thoughts on anatomy training and entering the cadaver lab are found in my post from Wednesday. Today, we enter the lab. The day was set up brilliantly. The morning had a lecture on upper body. Then we went into the lab and explored the upper body. It was FREEZING in there, but the formaldehyde ...
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Where ever you are in North America, there is a Yoga Tune Up® or Roll Model Method® training coming your way! Level 1 Teacher Training JULY 12 – 19 with Mimi Martel & Todd Lavictoire NAMASTE YOGA- Saint- Nicolas, QC Canada JULY 14 – 21 with Dinneen Viggiano COREQUEST YOGA- Wautoma, WI JULY 29 – ...
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What is Yoga Tune Up® and How Can it Help You?

Yoga Tune Up® is a unique program created by Jill Miller. It is practiced all over the world at Yoga Studios, fitness facilities and retreat centers, taught by Jill and her certified YTU instructors. Using a distinctive set of exercises, poses and specialized techniques, Yoga Tune Up® playfully moves you into a body that looks great and lasts a lifetime. With Jill as your guide, our video and Therapy Ball Products will take you through a safe, effective workout with pain relief methods that leave you (regardless of age, experience or activity level) feeling better, stronger, happier, and more relaxed!

  1. Increase your body’s overall strength

  2. Control weight and feel grounded

  3. Bolster the immune system

  4. Relieve pain and stress

  5. Improve balance, flexibility and coordination
Heal The Wear And Tear Of Everyday Life - Live Better In Your Body With Yoga Tune Up®!